Mariela Miller Personal Trainer in Houston – Maria Robles Testimonial

      Physical trainers are many but few possess the qualities to appropriately evaluate the strengths & weaknesses of the client to then follow through with an exercise program that the client enjoys and is the right fit.
      Mariela Miller is a professional trainer. I have had several trainers in the past ten years and after back surgery, my surgeon stressed the importance of strengthening core muscles. Mariela listens to what we need and explains the exercise, does the exercise with you, & coaches you through it. Depending on your strength, she challenges the muscles to work harder and modifies accordingly.
       Her muscle strengthening and balancing exercises are never the same routine, always encouraging us along the way to take it to the next level. My husband and kids have noticed a difference in the way my clothes fit and I noticed increased energy levels.
        For me, personal training is important so that I can achieve effective, non repetitive workouts, get the proper supervision to do it right and have the motivation Mariela gives me. Its the best investment I have made in my health. I
Highly recommend Mariela Miller.
Maria R.

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