Group Personal Training

Mariela Miller is an experienced Certified Personal Trainer in the Tomball area. She provides Group Personal training to clients of all ages, all fitness levels and all abilities!

Some of the reasons why clients choose group personal training include:

  • Best choice for the individual who would like to be accountable thru friends or family
  • Excellent option for Families, Special Rates
  • Provides group support and accountability
  • Fun, quick pace
  • ​Interval, tabata and other modalities are used in the training
  • Classes are for 1 hour
  • More affordable than private training
  • Workout is designed for you and your partners
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Multiple plans and packages from which to choose
  • ​Great for walking partners who want to take fitness to the next level
  • Great for mothers and daughters, sisters, or best friends
  • Nutrition tips and information will be discussed in every class

We maximize every minute by mixing up each workout with circuits that include resistance training and aerobic conditioning all in the same hour. This type of high intensity interval training has been shown to not only maximize calorie burn during the workout, but to also give you the longest metabolic afterburn so that you can continue your progress even after the workout has ended.

These type of training option can be done at your on time and schedule. If you’re a beginner, Mariela will know how to work you into the group and monitor your progression so that you never feel intimidated or left out. The group personal training session are limited to 3 or 4 so you get the individual attention you need with the benefits of group support and camaraderie.

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