One-on-One Personal Training

Mariela Miller is an experienced Certified Personal Trainer in the Tomball area. She provides One-on-One Personal training to clients of all ages, all fitness levels and all abilities!

Some of the reasons why clients choose One-on-One personal training include:

  • Best choice for those with limited work out experience
  • Provides the most support and accountability
  • Perfect for individuals who have health concerns and physical problems
  • ​Provides faster progression
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Workout is designed specifically for you and your fitness level
  • Great for individuals who do not have previous strength training experience
  • Ideal for clients who have been referred by a doctor, chiropractor or other.
  • For individuals who prefer the additional privacy of one on one training
  • Sessions are available in 1 hour and 1/2 hour

This type of one on one training has been beneficial to many of my previous clients primarily because it allows us to work more diligently on all aspects of your fitness and health.  It also allows additional time to talk and coach you on your nutrition.

Our initial program is designed to focus on the nutrition, stability, endurance, strength, condition and flexibility.  As an experience personal trainer I try to adapt and individualize exercise workouts according to my clients distinctive backgrounds and goals.  My goals with clients are to motivate, educate, and challenge them during a fun, supportive, and positive workout.  I focus on form and technique; to make sure you are properly activating the correct set of muscles and getting the most work out of each exercise.

One on One training allows us to help you break through barriers and continue to get your life back in balance and achieve every fitness success possible. We have excellent packages to help fit your budget. I can travel to the privacy of your own home, office, favorite park, or you can train with me at a Private Personal Training Facility to help you reach your wellness goals.  So call me TODAY so I can help you enhance your health and fitness lifestyle.

If you are thinking about starting a Fitness Program call Mariela Miller Experienced Personal Trainer in Houston.

She can help you get results!

Our Fitness program includes

  1. Fitness Assessment Test to determine your Cardiovascular Endurance, Flexibility levels and Muscular Endurance
  2. Circumference Measurements
  3. Body Fat Composition , BMI, & Target Heart Rate
  4. A Customize Strength Training Program
  5. A Customize Cardio Workout Program
  6. Nutritional Advice

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