Personal Trainer Circumference Measurements

Measuring your personal training progress is a great way to reinforce achievement of your physical fitness and/or weight loss goals. Circumference measurements are one of many common methods by which we can do this. We will use a tape measure to take circumference measurements at various locations on your body.

When it comes to measuring your training progress, taking circumference measurements may be more useful than weighing yourself because they allow you to see if you are losing inches, which is more indicative of changes in your body composition.  In order to measure your training progress we use a good tape measure, to take measurements at the following locations every 6 weeks:

The following locations are measured:

Waist: At the narrowest part of you torso (above your navel and below your breastbone).

Chest: Around the upper torso just below your armpits.

Upper Arm: Midpoint between your shoulder and elbow with your palm up and your arm straight and extended in front of your body.

Forearm: At the maximum width of your forearm with your arm extended in front of your body and your palm up.

Abdomen:  A horizontal measurement taken at the level of the umbilicus.

Hips: At the maximum width of your hips (or buttocks) with your heals together.

Thigh: At the maximal circumference between the hip and the knee, with legs slightly apart.

Calf: At the maximum width between your knee and ankle.

The following Chart is used to record the measurement  fitnessprogresschart