Two-on-One Personal Training

Mariela Miller is an experienced Certified Personal Trainer in the Tomball area. She provides Two-on-One Personal training to clients of all ages, all fitness levels and all abilities!

Some of the reasons why clients choose Two-on-One or Semi Private Personal Training include

  • Perfect for the exerciser with some experience
  • Ideal for partnering with a friend, spouse or partner
  • More affordable than private training
  • Workout is designed for you
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Multiple plans and packages from which to choose
  • ​Great for walking partners who want to take fitness to the next level
  • Great for mothers and daughters, sisters, or best friends

This method is efficient, effective and structured to meet your goals.

When engaging in a weight loss program, consider one of the fastest growing fitness trends in the world. Semi-private 2 on 1 training has proven to be the most effective way to reach your weight loss goals. Whether you’re new to the fitness floor or you’ve been trying to fine-tune your workouts, semi-private training will help you reach your goals.

Here’s why:

Accountability and Social Support – One of the most important aspects of fitness is accountability and social support. Being accountable to only you will not always be strong enough for success. It’s essential to have someone around to offer support and who has similar goals.

Competition- To really take your workouts to the next level, you need to gain a competitive edge. If you have someone working out with you, there’s no way you won’t push through your workout. Use your other partner to leverage weight loss and fitness success.

Fun-What’s better than having a friend or new exercise friend next to you pushing you through your tough workouts? Your enjoyment of the workouts will start to skyrocket, and that will improve your consistency and commitment, which are the greatest indicators of success.

Economical- Let’s face it; sometimes the investment in your body and health can be a little steep. This investment is an absolute necessity and now with semi-private training, it’s much more economical. Get much more bang for your buck by saving with semi-private training.

It’s much more effective and efficient to have a partner around you to help reach your weight loss goals. By having more people working in your exercise groups, you have a much better chance for success.

The semi private or 2 on 1 training is given for 1 hour.  Two on One training allows us to help you break through barriers and continue to get your life back in balance and achieve every fitness success possible. We have excellent packages to help fit your budget. I can travel to the privacy of your own home, office, favorite park, or you can train with me at a Private Personal Training Facility to help you reach your wellness goals. So call us so we can help you enhance your health and fitness lifestyle.

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